TAG :: Toronto Area Geocachers » Geocaching.com Update – Delete Spoiler Images

Another little tidbit came out of today’s update at Geocaching.com. You can edit/nuke an image that someone uploads with their log entry.

That means you can remove spoiler pictures without deleting the actual log entry.

For example, here’s a log on my cache – GC2DN1K Leaf Peeper Leap, by cache4pat. This one I just chose at random from my owned caches.

Before today, I could view the image. If I wanted to remove it, I had to delete the find log.
Today, I have a new “Edit Image” option when I view that log as the cache owner.

Once I click on that “Edit Image” button, I have the familiar screen as if I owned that image. I can change the title or delete it altogether.

Now I’m not actually going to change this log entry, I just pulled it as an example to show that it can be done now. This is a great feature (that should be used with care) that puzzle owners can use to remove spoiler images without affecting the finder’s find count / log order.