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Dale Atkin (Ibycus) has posted on the Groundspeak Forums, indicating that the newest release of his free (Garmin) topo map project for Canada is now ready.  The new release features improvements for road features, particularly in Quebec and a newer version of the underlying topo data.

Just a quick note here to say that I’ve *finally* finished work on version 4.0 of the maps.

This version includes new roads for much of the country (including Quebec, which hadn’t been updated since the maps came up), as well as more areas with road names.

Also there is a new version of the underlying dataset for the topo data.

Finally included are what I *hope* are all of the more minor roads that disappeared between version 2.1 and 3.0. These are included as a transparent overlay that can be added to the maps (or any map for that matter).

I hope to get the torrent of the PC version going tonight.

Just a reminder, we have a Pro Tip posted for installing version 3 on our site. Version 4 should follow the same instructions.

You can obtain the map data using BitTorrent, here’s the tracker file. If you’re security minded, the MD5 SUM is also available for the Torrent:

MD5 Sum – 3ddd5edfaf793f9cadc6f449ec6d55e4 *IbycusTopo40.iso

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