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Today’s featured geocache is located in Oakville (near Burlington), along Bronte Creek. It was placed on October 27 (just a couple weeks ago) by TROOP CHIEF.  Now that daylight savings time has ended, the nights are getting longer. While fair weather cachers hang up their GPS for the winter there’s another option – go caching even though it’s dark outside.

GC36GEA HUNGER GAMES (Night “fire tack” cache) is a great way to get started caching at night. The posted co-ordinates lead you to a parking area on the shoulder of Dundas Street in Oakville, best approached heading westbound on Dundas. The cache is themed after the popular book series “The Hunger Games” with references to Katniss Everdeen and the Hunger Games Arena.

Once you arrive at the posted co-ordinates, you look around for a fire tack which is a retro-reflective marker. To see these best, your light source should be close to your eyes – ideally a head lamp. If using a flashlight, hold it up beside your eyes. Once you spot the fire tack, walk over to it and look around for the next one. Follow it until you reach the three fire tacks that are together and look around for the cache.

It’s a great introduction to night caching, and can be visited in under one hour.

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