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GCX3K4 Eagles Nest; Caverns Walk is a 5/5 cache placed by pickachu. It was later adopted by Shaggy01. The cache is located about 1.5 hours north of Toronto, near Singhampton (just outside Collingwood). It is located along the Bruce Trail, in the Blue Mountains section of the club.

This 4 stage multi has (as of today) 19 favorite points which is 42% of premium members favoriting it. It’s a 4 stage multi – 3 physical stages with redirect co-ordinates and a final. What really makes the cache shine is just where it is. The start point is at the top side of the Standing Rock and Caves Side Trail …. a trail that delivers what it advertises. You will be passing through several cave like fissures and that’s what makes the cache fun. Wear good boots and make sure you are comfortable climbing over wet, mossy boulders.

During the summer, you’ll find the caves are a good 10 degrees (Celsius) cooler than the surrounding environment. I’ve been to these caves in August and found snow here. The inverse of this is winter. Be prepared for a very, very difficult terrain when this section of the trail is covered in snow and ice. Taking a wheelchair or bike in here is right out of the question, any time of the year. Travelling here in spring, summer, fall should not require any special equipment however.

This cache is well worth basing the day on obtaining. You can complete the cache in about two hours (not including the drive to/from the trailhead). If you have a camera, best add another hour or two to the time, as you will want to use it here. While you’re in the area be sure to check out Ragnarok which is a short drive south of this area (to Nottawasaga Bluffs Conservation Area), or hike some of the loops and enjoy the views out toward Collingwood and Georgian Bay.