TAG :: Toronto Area Geocachers » SPOT Connect coming for Smartphones

Jan 06 2011

Here’s a neat little gem to come out of the CES show.

Now, you can get the functionality of the SPOT+Delorme Communicator package, using your smartphone device. The initial offering will be for Android users and other devices will be announced later.

The device pairs with your smartphone (running an app)  over Bluetooth and provides GPS location for your smartphone and – here’s where it gets interesting – the SPOT satellite communication services. This literally means you can do things like send a text message, update Twitter or Facebook with your location, or call for rescue even though you are many kilometers away from Bell, Telus or Rogers coverage (it uses satellite).  The SPOT Connect also lets you share your location in real time using Google Maps, so you can set up a hike tracker or share your location on that uber cache adventure to get 4.5lb Walleye.

The MSRP for the device is $169 USD and requires a SPOT service plan, these start at $99/year. It will launch at the end of January.