Ontario Trails Project | Free trail maps for your GPS

The Ontario Trails project aims to create custom maps for handheld GPS receivers that show hiking, biking and multi-use trails in the Province of Ontario. We also have canoe route data. The project uses GPS tracklines submitted by volunteers, and some government sources of data that are redistributable.

Examples of Ontario Trails Project Transparent Map on Garmin Colorado:

Bruce Trail,

Background: City Navigator

Trail in Ottawa,

Background: Topo Canada

Trails in Frontenac PP,

Background: Topo Canada

The maps I provide are free of charge, and are intended primarily for use on an outdoor GPS unit. I develop the maps primarily for the Garmin Colorado/Oregon units but others are supported as well.

Garmin type handheld GPS units are supported by the project, including the Oregon, Colorado, eTrex, Montana and 60/62 series. This is a map with a transparent background, so you can load it and it will show on top of your other maps. Magellan type handheld GPS units are supported through a secondary process. We provide shape data, and instructions for you to merge this data with your existing mapsets. Currently tested on eXplorist receivers, using MapSend.

Delorme (and other) type handheld GPS units are supported via GPX file distribution.

DISCLAIMER: These maps are a reference only. Trail data is submitted by volunteers, and will have varying degrees of accuracy. Always use your head when following these trails/canoe routes, and stay safe. We are not responsible for any problems you may encounter from using this map data! If you find a map inaccuracy, please let us know.

NOTE: This map data is licenced Creative Commons – WITH Attribution.
Please contact me before attempting to use this data in a Commercial Product.

Have something to contribute?

If you find this map useful, and want to help me cover some of my costs:

To send me a tracklog, simply email it to me at [email protected] . If you could include the trail name, surface type and intended use that would be a great help. I work best with GPX and Garmin GDB formats, but I’m used to converting data from just about anything. If you submit a canoe route, please note any put-in or take-out points you are aware of.

Current coverage map: View in Google Earth

You can obtain the maps on the Download Page

Last Update: v0.84 – January 13, 2016