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Feb 03 2011

As of February 1st, Opencaching.com has resolved one issue that has been producing a lot of complaints about the new service …. namely the ability for cache owners and/or visitors to delete logs.  Now you’ll see a little “Delete” button on the log list and it will make that disappear.

As posted by Trailtech on the Opencaching.com forums:

We just added the ability to delete logs. You can delete them form the cache page if you are the cache owner, or if it is your log.

The logs now show the ratings that the logger gave to the cache and have icons for the different types of logs.

The layout of the cache page has been updated to make it easier to find the most important information (for example the cache type icon is now much larger).

We will be adding the ability to edit logs soon.

Please let us know if you have any problems using these new features.

They still have some improvements to make regarding log editing, but you can at least delete the log and start over as a workaround for now.