TAG :: Toronto Area Geocachers » Geocaching.com Rolls Out Minor Update

Well, after a few months of huge, earth shattering changes at Groundspeak’s Geocaching.com site, we are treated to a March update that’s in like a lamb. This month, the devs have “circled around” to patch up some bugs, and add a bit of marketing material to the site.

They added some video clips to the site under the “videos” tab, and they have added a handy-dandy intro to geocaching presentation that can be downloaded for your group’s next Geocaching 101 event.  Note they don’t want people modifying that presentation except to add/remove their organization’s logo or drop the video.

Another useful feature is that your stored (not active) Pocket Queries increases from 40 to 1,000. That should cover just about anyone – particularly those of you who make PQs for common tasks/trips that you don’t run weekly.

Some of the other updates include:

24401: Move Lost & Found videos onto a new video page
Added new Video page and link in left-hand navigation

23911: Adding Norwegian Bokmal to geocaching.com
Added translations

24829: Adding Estonian Language to geocaching.com
Added translations

25140: Default map view is home location, if set
Beta map will now default to home coordinates or Seattle if not chosen

25229: Remove inactive PQ limitation from PQ Page
Increased maximum saved PQs to 1000

23026: Addition of “Intro to Geocaching” Presentation to Resources Section
Download a slide presentation for use when teaching others about Geocaching

25244: Create Counties for Hungary
Added 19 counties including the capitol

[ March 2011 Release Notes (Groundspeak Forums) ]