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There is a presentation/talk about Geocaching tomorrow night (Feb 17) in Toronto.

According to Yelp, the presentation takes place at the Fox and the Fiddle, 535 Danforth Avenue (Toronto). The event starts at 7:00pm.

This is part of a a “Nerd Nite” event, and the geocaching talk is held by kurat, a geocacher with over 1100 finds in 7 countries. His is the second presentation of the night.

From the description:

“The Art of Geocaching: Hiding Loot is not Just for Pirates…” by Tarmo Remmel and Raja Raudsepp It has been said that geocaching utilizes billions of dollars of high tech military equipment orbiting in space to find Tupperware in the woods. Bottom-line: It is an international treasure hunt!  With GPS unit in hand, over 600,000 people have taken to the streets, forests, mountains, oceans, and even space (there is a geocache on the international space station), to find many of the over one million caches hidden worldwide.  This presentation will enlighten you to what it is, how to do it, and how to know when you’re addicted.

Tarmo Remmel, or “kurat”, as he’s known in geocaching circles is a geographer and a geocaching addict.  While not as severely addicted as some, he has been known to bolt out of the house at midnight to be the first to find a newly published geocache or to climb through sewers or up trees to make coveted finds.  Having cached in 7 countries, he takes his love of geography to this extra dimension.

Raja Raudsepp always enjoyed a good scavenger hunt as a kid.  Now, as an amateur geocacher, she’s already suckered in a number of friends and colleagues.  Her goal: to get more of her friends into caching so she’ll have
people to go with.

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