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Jul 11 2011

The Ontario Trails Project has been updated to version 0.79. It’s not actually complete with all the trails I have but I felt it was time to release what I have for summer trip use. The big news is Algonquin portages and some other canoe routes, thanks to CANVEC data. I have a long way to go – Algonquin isn’t complete but there’s a pretty good amount of trails around Opeongo Lake and the west side of the park. I’ll be adding more canoe routes / portages as the summer continues.

If you’re out capturing trail data, make a note of interesting things along the trail too – I’ve added a couple new data sets, mainly informative bits like the cairn shown above but I’m also marking things like waterfalls and – for the canoeists – dams.

You can grab the map update at the usual spot, and here’s what’s new:

Ont-Trails 0.79
Added: New data type "Information". Shows interesting POIs along trails, or trail notes where applicable.
Added: New data type "Dam". Shows dams along canoe routes.

Added - New sections of Etobicoke Creek Trail near YYZ - Mississauga - northernpenguin
Added - Killarney PP - (some) Portages on George Lake, Killarney Lake, O.S.A. Lake - northernpenguin
Added - Tar Vats Trail - Killarney - northernpenguin
Added - New trail over QEW in Hamilton - Hamilton - John Carriere, dfx
Added - unnamed trail - Fonthill - dfx
Added - Welland Canal Trails (East side) - Port Weller - dfx
Added - Trestle Trail - Port McNichol - dfx
Added - Thiffault Nature Trail - Coldwater - dfx
Added - Optimist Park - Burlington - dfx
Added - Durham Region Forest Trails - Uxbridge - entogeek
Added - Walker Woods Trails - Uxbride - entogeek
Added - Sheaves Tower Trail - Blair - northernpenguin
Added - three trails from Nonquon Area - Nonquon - entogeek
Added - Long Sault CA Wild Turkey Trail - Clarington - entogeek
Added - Cowan Trail - Coldwater - entogeek
Added - Beausoleil Island (Georgian Bay Islands NP) - Georgian Bay Islands NP - Speedy54
Added - Side Trail in Hampton CA - Orono - Barnie's Band of Gold
Added - Portions of Sutton-Zephyr Rail Trail - Brown Hill - Speedy54, entogeek
Added - Cup and Saucer Trail - Manitoulin - Fizbot
Added - Wolf Den Trail (Misery Bay PP) - Evansville (Manitoulin) - Fizbot
Added - Lakeshore Trail portions (Misery Bay PP) - Evansville (Manitoulin) - Fizbot
Added - Saugeen River Canoe Route - Hanover to Southhampton - Fizbot, northernpenguin
Added - Chutes Provincial Park - Massey - Fizbot
Added - Saugeen River Trail - Walkerton - northernpenguin
Added - Old CPR Trail - Walkerton - northernpenguin
Added - Sydenham River Canoe Route - Owen Sound - northernpenguin

Added - Numerous Portages,Canoe Routes - Algonquin PP - (CANVEC)
        Partial List of Lakes Affected:
        Oxtongue River
        Smoke Lake
        Claude Lake
        Norman Lake
        Bena Lake
        Mikado Lake
        Small Lake
        Bluebell Lake
        Shawandasee Lake 
        Greenwood Lake
        Gateway Creek
        Snow Lake
        Ragged Lake
        Little Coon Lake
        Big Porcupine Lake
        Dividing Lake
        McGarvey Lake
        Whatnot Lakes
        North Grace Lake
        Lemon Lake
        Lake Louisa
        Lawrence Lake
        Pardee Lake
        Rock Lake
        Minkey Lake
        Rockaway Lake
        Kimball Lake
        Cache Lake
        Source Lake
        Pincher Lake
        McCraney Lake
        Maggie Lake
        Minnow Lake
        Whitespruce Lake
        Dace Lake
        West Harry Lake
        Floss Lake
        Oak Lake
        Panther Lake
        Petawawa River
        Timberwolf Lake
        McIntosh Lake
        McIntosh Creek
        Falcon Lake
        Furrow Lake
        Potter Creek
        Kearney Lake
        Pond Lake
        Pog Lake
        Whitefish Lake
        Sunday Lake
        Sunday Creek
        Fork Lake
        Norway Lake
        Rose Lake
        Opeongo Lake
        Sproule Lake
        Pinetree Lake
        Happy Isle Lake
        Wright Lake
        Blackfox Lake
        Redfox Lake
        Hiram Lake
        Whitegull Lake

Updated - Tiffen Centre Trails - Barrie - northernpenguin
Updated - Tom East Side Trail (BT reroute) - Hockley Valley - dfx
Updated - Hydro Corridor Trail - Burlington - dfx, northernpenguin
Updated - Bruce County Rail Trail - Port Elgin - northernpenguin
Updated - Beaver River Canoe Route - Slabtown - northernpenguin
Updated - Nottawasaga River Canoe Route - northernpenguin

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Dec 14 2010

Just a quick reminder that the TAG Christmas gathering is tonight at 6:00pm, at the Kelsey’s Restaurant (Millcreek and Erin Mills Parkway) in Mississauga. The event page is GC2JATT.  The event currently has 70 people signed up (as of 2:00pm). While the main seating area holds 50 people, there’s room to spill over into the main restaurant as well.  Make sure you check the event page before showing up for any last minute information

Also, please note that Groundspeak will be shutting down for maintenance starting at 11PM EST for about 6 hours, so you might have to wait until tomorrow to post your “attended” log, especially if you head out caching after the pub. Groundspeak is describing this as the biggest update they’ve undertaken in 5 years. Wonder if there will be any interesting new goodness come out of this update.

Dec 10 2010

We’ve completed the migration for the TAG Forums to Bluehost, and now they’re back online. Thanks for being patient folks!

UPDATE: Now all of our previous articles have been migrated from the decommissioned server.

Dec 07 2010

Well, it goes to show that web servers can tell when you are up to something.  As such, the moment I signed up for a better hosting package, the old one fell down on it’s knees. What this means is for the next little while, until I can drive over there and retrieve the old website data, is that the archived stories up to this point and the TAG Forums are offline.

I’ll have them back as soon as possible and I’ve taken steps to ensure the site will be far more robust by moving it to Bluehost.