TAG :: Toronto Area Geocachers » Groundspeak issues Ontario Souvenir

Jan 13 2011

Groundspeak has finally started issuing the Canadian Provinces “souvenirs”. They started with Ontario. Souvenirs are Groundspeak’s equivalent of an achievement badge. These are awarded these for visiting caches or events, sometimes at a specific date or time.

The Souvenir for Ontario features artwork of maple leaves, a loon and Niagara Falls. They also include some descriptive text about the Province:

The most populous of the provinces, Ontario is the seat of the national capital and over half of Canada’s manufacturing. It stretches the farthest south of any part of the Canadian mainland, reaching farther south than California’s northern border.

Souvenirs are also awarded retroactively – so if you’ve ever found a cache in Ontario, check the Souvenirs tab on your Geocaching.com “My Profile” page to see yours.