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Also as promised, Groundspeak has posted smartphone updates for Geocaching challenges. Only it’s a separate application, not a part of the Geocaching app. On iOS anyway. Presumably the Windows Phone 7 and Android apps have also launched, though I don’t see it when I search the Android Marketplace right now (or Windows Phone either).

From the iOS App store description:

Geocaching Challenges turn every location into an adventure.

Go somewhere, do something. That’s the basic idea behind Geocaching Challenges. You might be challenged to hike the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu, sing a song in the middle of Times Square, or take a picture of yourself walking through the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin. Are you up for it?

Create your FREE account at http://www.geocaching.com to play.

Application Features Include:

– Direct access to the Geocaching.com database of Challenges

– Ability to accept and complete Challenges anywhere in the world

– Search nearby and worldwide Challenges from your current location

– View and upload Challenge gallery images from your phone

– Keep track of your accepted and completed Challenges

When you start up the app, it gives the standard Groundspeak “This can be dangerous!”, followed by a couple descriptive screens:

Intro Screen 1 of 2

Intro Screen 2 of 2

You’ll need to sign in to actually search for challenges. When I fired up the app, there were two Challenges in my area. One is at the CN Tower, the other is in Gage Park, Hamilton. Both are “Photo” challenges. You’ll see the thumbs up/thumbs down ranking for the challenge, and you can accept it, or even complete it from the app.

More screens from the app:

Searching for Challenges

Note the distances are in imperial in this screen shot as the app defaults to that. Quick click on that settings button in the middle and we’re over to metric:

The Settings Page

Once you pick a challenge, you get details, you can accept/complete or rate:

Photo Challenge – Hamilton Gage Park

Accept a Challenge?

Of course, there’s a map view too. The GPS accuracy you see in the screenshot reflects the fact I’m indoors right now.

If anyone spots a link to the Android or WP7 apps, drop a comment and I’ll put the links up in this article too.

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