TAG :: Toronto Area Geocachers » Garmin Updates POI Loader for Windows

Jan 21 2011

Garmin has released an update to their POI loader software for Windows. This software lets you take locations and add them as “Points of Interest” to compatible GPS units. Most modern Garmin devices support this feature. While these “Custom POI’s” are not editable on your device, it does allow you to load many, many more locations on the device than the Waypoints or Geocaches feature does. For example, in the image above I used POI loader to put 21,000 geocaches on my Nuvi 265. With this latest update, Garmin addresses a couple sore spots like file names and large GPX file loading problems.

[ Garmin POI Loader 2.60 ]

  • Added ability to specify a custom POI file’s name
  • Added ability to handle swapped lat and lon values in CSV files
  • Fixed issue with multi-line CSV files not being read correctly
  • Fixed issue with extended ASCII characters in CSV files
  • Fixed issue with reading large gpx and csv files making the application unresponsive