TAG :: Toronto Area Geocachers » Arrr! COG Be Announcing Spring Fling 8 – June 16, 2012

Well, here at TAG Central, we just got an interesting message. It came in a bottle, with a map that would certainly interest one Captain Jack Sparrow:

The Central Ontario Geocachers, an’ the Spring Fling organizers be pleased to announce that COG Spring Fling 8 be published an’ that plannin’ be well underway!   On the 16thof the month of June which be a Saturday, bring ye all to the gathering!

We be also thrilled to announce that this year’s event be brought to the beautiful shores o’ Georgian Bay in the quaint, but thrivin’ community o’ Midland, Ontario. If ye be havin’ nerebeen to Midland, ye dasn’t know what ye be missin’! With beautiful parks, waterfront an’ urban areas perfect fer Geocachin’, this year’s venue offers us vast opportunities to be expandin’ on the successes that we be havin’ had with our past events.

Arrr, so ye be wantin’ to go to sea an’ ye don’t be wantin’ to end up in Davy Jones’ Locker? Then ye best be learnin’ to be talkin’ like a buccaneer!

In addition to our venue change, we will also be challengin’ ye to experience the event as a buccaneer. Huntin’ bountiful booty, sailin’ the high seas, swashbucklin’ an’ havin’ yer parrot do the talkin’ be all possibilities this year as we embark on our excitin’ new theme. Can ye answer the call?

The event page is already posted (GC1MGEQ).  If you’re going to be anywhere near Central Ontario next June, you really owe it to yourself to attend this marquee event. Last year’s theme was Bond, 007. We’ll be sure they will take this year’s pirate theme to a whole new level. Be sure to post your will-attend on the event listing, and visit cogfling.ca for the full story.

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